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My Bracelet.
I only wish this site was not necessary.

Since I was born in 1966, I have had the luxury of growing up in relatively peaceful times. I've never known war on a personal level, and the only exposure I had to POW/MIA issues were occasional mentions in movies and television programs. I was blissfully ignorant of a problem I didn't even know existed.

But all that changed on July 10th 1998.

It was on that day I visited The Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, and was enlightened to the struggle of family and friends desperate to know the fate of loved ones our government has ignored and left forgotten far from home.

Prisoner of War. Missing in Action. Inconceivable concepts for a country based on the ideal of freedom for all of its citizens. Impossible to understand how those who fought so bravely for our peace and freedom are denied those rights by the very people they were fighting for.

The pages below are but a small exploration I have made into a situation that should be of concern to all Americans. In honor of those left behind... you are not forgotten.

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