At the Wall.
My Memorial Rubbing.
No matter how many times you see it depicted on television, film, or in print... nothing can quite prepare you for a visit to The Wall. The sheer size required to hold so many names is a powerful impact that can only really be felt by being there.

After having received my POW/MIA bracelet, the most natural reaction is to want to find his name on the memorial. Fortunately, book listings are provided to aid you in this quest. A quick run-down reveals that Roderick L. Mayer 's name can be found on Panel 2E, 125 rows down.

Directly near all MIA names is a cross. A cross which becomes a diamond in the event they are proven lost. A cross which becomes a circle in the event, God willing, they are returned alive. A kind gentleman explains this to me as he hands me the materials needed to make a rubbing in graphite on paper. He is here voluntarily, without pay, in scorching heat, assisting those who require it, because it is in his heart to do so.

I stare at my graphite rubbing and wonder if I will live to see the day there are no more crosses on The Wall. Will people ever care enough to make such a thing happen?

I hope so.

At the Wall.