The Bracelet.
My bracelet.
Beyond the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is the "Last Firebase" whose sole mission is to make sure that those left behind are not forgotten. To that end, they are there... all day, every day... tirelessly raising awareness of an issue many would rather see left buried.

So many bracelets, too many bracelets, each a sad reminder that someone... somebody... was left behind.

But after you have decided to commit to what very well could be a lifelong trust, how can you choose one from so many? A name? A location? A branch of service?

For me it was all three... the service was Navy, for my mother and father who served there... the state was Idaho, from the Pacific Northwest where I live... the name, the middle name, was "Lewis" just like my own.

And now... all day, every day... Roderick L Mayer is remembered by me. A constant reminder until he is home where is belongs.

The Bracelet.