Missing Heroes.

It seems strange to me that those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy could be forgotten so easily.

Why would anybody wish to protect and serve this country knowing that their own government may abandon them? How can our government officials so easily dismiss those that served us so honorably? Why do American's choose to let such a travesty go unchallenged?

As I began reading as much POW/MIA information as I could find, these questions kept coming to me over and over again. The entire situation is enough to drive one mad, but the most frightening aspect is this:

"Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

So if we, as Americans, forget about our missing servicemen... if we choose to ignore those families and friends valiantly fighting to learn the fate of their loved ones... if we let our government go unchallenged... what does that dictate for future generations of those who would defend our Nation?

What happens when all those who remember are gone?

Who will fight for our missing heroes?

Missing Heroes.